The Islamic State



The Islamic State (IS), also known as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), allowed exclusive access of the VICE News journalist Medyan Dairieh and filmmaker for three weeks to their operations, providing viewers an intimate insight into the terrifying inside world of jihadist militant extremists.

Shocking footage of executions and beheading of men in street demonstrates the brutality of the Islamic state. To make sure the maintenance of the religious standards, the Islamic State’s militants petrol streets and encouraged the citizens to report any rule violators. The enforcers’ influence is obvious – prisoners who have deviated the IS laws are entirely blamed themselves and accepting their sentences to be God’s will.

Preaching centers are also used as gathering grounds for fanatics of all generations, where they upraise their guns and sing songs of victory over America and western countries, while celebrating their belief. Followers of the Islamic State are taught to submit everything to their Caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, be it their lives or their wealth and money. Adults believe that their adversities bring them in proximity to their God.

Children in the Islamic Sate are intending to be “the generation of the Caliphate” who will combat “infidels”. Children younger than fifteen are sent to Shariah camps where they get knowledge about their religion, while older than fifteen are sent to military camps to get training for fighting; however, be trained formerly in handling weapons and exhilarating for battle is common for younger children.

The Islamic State is a thought-provoking illustration of religious fundamentalism in the Middle East and the wishful thinking of generations being taught to consider violence and aggression as a best option for the defense of their faiths.



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