The Chinese are Coming



Justin Rowlatt travelled crosswise three continents in order to explore the influence of China around the World. He asks what the World will be like if America overhauls by China as the economic power of the World. He starts his travelling first across Africa to illustrate the remarkable phenomenon of Chinese movement to Africa, and the enormous Chinese influence on the continent growth.

Many westerners consider Africa as a land of poverty, while the Chinese look it as an almost unlimited business opportunity. Justin meets the brave Chinese entrepreneurs from Angola to Tanzania, who came there to set up businesses.

He then crosses Brazil and the United States. In Rio, he witnesses that cheap Chinese imports area great threat for local industries. In the Amazon, he observes that the extraordinary desire of China for resources effect the native people and the environment.

In the US, from California to Rust Belt, Justin experiences no American anger over lagging behind as compared to China.


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