The Caliph



The Caliph is a new three-part documentary series of Al Jazeera, which combining the rich history that undergo officially over the course of thirteen centuries. At times, this history has been distorted for devastating purposes, as can observed in recent years with the origination of the Islamic State (ISIS). Despite this troubling event, the role of the caliph has considered as an important and sacrosanct part of the Islamic culture.

The first part of the film concerns with the foundation of this tradition that initiated in the year 632 with the death of Prophet Muhammad. The Caliph, a title which means a successor or deputy, was chosen to continue his attempts for building a powerful and prosperous Islamic State. Famous scholars of the Islamic history describe in this segment, the spread of Islam by these early leaders to different areas within and beyond the Arabian Peninsula and in the course the built of the largest empire of the World.

In the second part of the film, disagreement over the selection of caliph is described, which led to two separate sects of the religion known as Shia and Sunni.

In the third part the gradual reduction and then official end of the Caliphate is expressed. The Caliphate was embraced by the Ottoman Empire first in 1300s and after the fall of the Empire in 1924, the triumphant Turkish Republic eliminated all the entity and expelled its supporters.

The film is amazing and very impressive and provides a deep look inside a topic of great importance.

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