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The Boy Who Rushed is an intimate story about the filmmaker searching for her brother Ivan gone missing during the recent war in Croatia in 1991. Shortly before the war Ivan was twenty years old. His wife was to give birth to a baby so he left faculty and found the job as a traffic policeman, the only job that was available at that time. In September 1991, the war begun and his squad was sent to Bogdanovci, a village near Vukovar.

Vukovar is one of the cities that was completely devastated during the war in Croatia. The director’s brother, along with many other young soldiers, mysteriously disappeared there. While searching for him, the director filmed the events and people she encountered. The film begins with a rather moving confession by the filmmaker about her psychological state, and about her family and native country, which were drawn into the nightmare of the war. In a quite humorous manner, she speaks about the history of Croatia in the previous century and refers to missing soldiers who represented every generation in her family.

Following the unfolding story of the family searching for its member, we are witnessing the tragic moment when Ivan’s remains are found and identified. Truth brings both horror and peace of mind. As so many times before in this region.

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