Terminal F: Chasing Edward Snowden



In late June of 2013, Edward Snowden was hiding from the authorities in Hong Kong, as leaders of the United States tagging him as a “Coward” and a “Traitor” publically. This film Terminal F: Chasing Edward Snowden captures the moments before and after that event.

Just before three weeks, he handed over anxiously almost a million of top secret documents from the National Security Agency (NSA) to journalists from the most popular newspapers of the World. These classified information portrayed a scaring picture of the U.S. government whose observation activities faraway surpassed the constitutional barriers, and whose attempts worked to destroy the rights of ordinary citizens they were avowed to protect. The revelation of the documents to the World and the disclosure of Snowden’s identity results a great global manhunt.

Snowden was an enemy of the state now and he never knew when he might be detained or killed. Terminal F: Chasing Edward Snowden demonstrate a solid introduction on his position at the NSA, his incentives for exposing sensitive and potentially harmful information, and the reality of living as one of the most disreputable whistleblowers in the history of America.

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