Technology Harnessed from UFO Crashes (DOCUMENTARY)


One popular claim among UFO believers is that much of our current technology is the result of using reverse engineering on alien spacecraft. Everything from radios to superconductors falls into this category. They argue that people on their own couldn’t possibly have developed these technologies so rapidly without an alien model. Some claim that pilots at Area 51 are using alien technology against aliens themselves, shooting them down so that other military crews can scavenge the parts.

The most extreme theories about aliens at Area 51 state that not only are aliens here on Earth, they’re running the show. Apparently, the U.S. government has agreed to allow aliens to abduct people at will, experiment on these helpless citizens and even grind them up into a paste that is later smeared onto the aliens as a source of nutrition.

Other theorists say that the aliens are here to use humans to create a hybrid creature, since the aliens themselves are no longer able to reproduce on their own. Some offer hope with reports of shootouts between government forces and aliens, resulting in the return of the government to power.

This Documentary goes in search of Technology Harnessed from UFO Crashes, one of the few UFO documentaries ever based on creverse engineering UFO technology. Watch the full documentary here and if you like this show, please like and subscribe for more full documentaries.



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