The Tax Free Tour




The Tax Tour is a monetary thriller mapping the systemic hazard for governments and nationals alike. Is this the value we need to pay for globalized private enterprise?

Those courses pass by resonating names like ‘Cayman Special’, ‘Twofold Irish’, and ‘Dutch Sandwich’. A monetary world works in the shadows encompassed by an abnormal state of mystery. A place where sizable capitals streams venture from the far corners of the planet at the speed of light and abstain from paying duty.

Where do multinationals pay duties and what amount? Picking up knowledge from worldwide duty specialists, Backlight chief Marije Meerman (the creator of Quants: The Alchemists of Wall Street and Money and Speed: Inside the Black Box), investigates assessment asylums, the general population who live there and the courses along which expense is evaded comprehensively.

In the meantime, the internet amusement “Taxodus” by Femke Herregraven is propelled. In the diversion, the player can choose the profile of a multinational and search for the worldwide course to pay as meager assessment as would be prudent. The tax free tour is a depiction of this exterritorialy world which takes the common man to an informative journey that changes perceptions forever.


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