Superhuman: Iceman



We all have our different prodigies. A unique set of skills that we specialize in but as we all have it we all must look ordinary, so does Dutchman Wim Hof at the first glance. . Known as the “Iceman” because of his capacity to control his center body temperature in outrageous conditions.

Shea and Hudson go to Amsterdam, where they take in more about Hof and burn through two weeks get ready for an inadequately clad climb up Poland’s sub zero Mount Sniezka. They join Hof for a gathering instructional meeting, where members are trained in a breathing system that normally brings about a serious passionate discharge. Hof clarifies that by opening these intuitive reactions it at last permits the person to recapture control over their body, and consequently their life in general. “I don’t fear demise,” Hof discloses to the movie producers. “I fear not to live completely.”

Given to utilizing his body as a kind of physiology lab, Hof joyfully takes an interest in research studies to outfit hard confirmation of his capacity to direct his adrenaline levels and resistant framework. Hof’s inspiration to back his aptitudes with logical proof stems from a longing to abstain from ingraining false trust in anybody. He is not a supernatural occurrence specialist, however his accomplishments of continuance may appear to be marvelous.

Superhuman: Iceman is an uplifting profile of an enchanting and charming man, who is excellent as well as relatable in spite of his unpredictable capacities.


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