The Strange World of Nanoscience




Nanoscience is the investigation of wonders and control of materials at the nano scale, where properties contrast essentially from those at a bigger scale. The odd universe of Nano science – it can take you into molecules and past the stars. The nano scale ranges from 100 nano meters down to the nuclear level, where a nano meter is a millionth part of a millimeter.

This film was delivered and coordinated by Tom Mustill for the NANOYOU Project ( as an asset for youngsters, educators and anybody intrigued to get a speedy prologue to Nanoscience. Controlling shape and size at nanometre scale, nanotechnologists are delivering a wide assortment of uses that take benefit of the properties that this scale offers. These days, a huge number of specialists around the globe are examining the new commitments that NT can bring us by outlining, describing and creating new structures, gadgets and frameworks.

It is mostly shot at and with the help of the Nanoscience Center at the University of Cambridge and components specialists required in investigating the universe of Nano. This documentary is going to shape the viewers mentality on how the nano technology is going to change the future.

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