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This documentary is the work of a standout amongst the most experienced spacewalkers in NASA history Sunita Williams. Williams had taped at least 12 hours before coming back to earth from her last trip to space to the international space station for NASA in 2012. Space Station Tour succeeds in passing on a “you are there” point of view accordingly. Williams is clearly a phenomenally fulfilled space traveler who knows everything about the monstrous rocket.

In this informative documentary we’re given a guided voyage through every country’s operational modules on the station, and even catch of look at a few of Williams’ colleagues en route.  We see a tremendous menu, unassuming activity gear on board the specialty, a voyage through their  restroom offices, which Williams playfully alludes to as their “orbital latrine” . The station is huge, yet peculiarly claustrophobic, untidy, yet unpredictably composed, and innovatively amazing yet essential in a large portion of its regular living capacities. Space Station Tour offers the nearest point of view most viewers are prone to experience of what life resemble inside the International Space Station. It’s a perspective that is sure to charm both space addicts and direct devotees alike.

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