She is My Son: When Girls Become Boys in Afghanistan




In Afghan patriarchal society, civil rights of women are strictly limited. The society doesn’t permit women to be free like men. They are expected to reside at home and look after children. They have little right to obtain education and are disheartened from doing a work or a job. The society criticizes sports women and even those one who going out her house without a male relative partner. Women in Afghan society are even often needed to take permission from a male for taking part in some of the most ordinary activities. As a result, parents in families where men are in shortage sometimes assign one of their daughters for playing male character.

The practice is called “Bacha Posh”, means “dressed up as a boy”. In Bacha Posh role, girls dress in boy’s cloths, make boys hair style and in streets answer to a boy’s name. At the cost of their actual identity, they enjoy the freedoms of men in Afghan society. For most girls tested freedom while presenting as boys, it is particularly hard to readjust to the manners predictable of Afghan women. In this documentary, some of the Bacha Posh of Afghanistan are exposed, who all have different stories.


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