Silicon Cowboys Documentary



Silicon Cowboys is an account of the creation and rise of Compaq Computer. In 1982, three friends in a Texas dinner launched a company of Compaq Portable Computer, and afterward started a journey for building a portable computer to compete IBM (International Business Machines), the most powerful and largest tech company in the world. In order to drub the industry, many had attempted to clone the code of industry leader for IBM and its expensive lawyers.

Directed by Oscar (R) – nominated director Jason Cohen, Silicon Cowboys reveals the remarkable story of ultimate demise of Compaq, and an improbable upstart that changed the future of computing and configured the present-day world we know. The film is an invigorating alternative to the well-known stories of Gates, Jobs, and Zuckerberg, and additionally offers a deep look at the stormy ascend of the 1980’s industry of PC.


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