Shafia family murders – An Honor-Killing



In Canada four women found drowned in a sunken car in Kingston, Ont. Canal. Their death was pre-planned murder, the alleged ‘honor killing’ for which a father, a mother, and a brother was convicted. Such kind of murder shaken the whole nation, but there are a lot of questions that still exists.

In a country that admires itself on defending women and children rights how were three young girls and their stepmother detained like effective prisoners in their own house?  Why the police and social workers, who are particularly trained to identify unsafe people in possible threat, did not progressed and taken any action on the warning indications that were so clear to friends, relatives, and teachers?

The following documentary of THE FIRST STATE tells that what kind of life they lived under the tight-hand ruling of an overbearing father; with brother who was his accessory and spy, and with an unconcerned mother about her daughters. The documentary includes exclusive interviews of the relatives who dreaded for the girls protection, their school teachers who distinguished there was problem at home, and the two young men who possessed feelings for Shafia sisters, but they all couldn’t protect them.


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