Shadow Company Official Full Documentary


In the late 20th Century the distinction between soldier and mercenary became blurred. The recent use of private military companies (PMCs) in Iraq has been more extensive than at any time in modern history. The brutal killing of four PMC employees in Fallujah in April 2004 made it clear that these “contractors” are not merely workers in a foreign land. But are the lives of such men the only thing at risk when we privatize warfare?

Shadow Company explores the moral and ethical issues private military solutions create for PMC employees, for the Western governments who foot the bill for their salaries, and for everyday citizens like you. The filmmakers traveled the globe to expose all sides of the issue, interviewing PMC staff, owners and lobbyists, former mercenaries, academics, journalists and top authors. So what is really at risk? See the movie and decide for yourself.

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“Takes a thorough and balanced look at the use of private security forces in Iraq and raises serious policy questions,”
U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA)

“Great job. Covers a controversial issue in an evenhanded fashion.”
Colonel Thomas X. Hammes, USMC (retired)

“Shadow Company is a must-see film for anyone who is concerned about our military and our security being privatized.”
Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky (D-IL)

”In addition to being extremely well-executed, I thought its even-handed tone was particularly sophisticated – encouraging an audience to consider the complexity of the issue, rather than the more exploitative depictions with which the subject is usually treated”
Director Ed Zwick – Director of The Last Samurai and the soon to be release Blood Diamond

Features interviews of:
Robert Young Pelton (
Peter Singer
Cobus Claassens
Alan Bell
Slavko Ilic
Frances Stonor Saunders
John F. Mullins
Neall Ellis
Phil Lancaster
Eike Kluge
Madelaine Drohan


Directed and Written by
Nick Bicanic & Jason Bourque

Interviews Nick Bicanic
Sierra Leone Filming Jarred Land
Iraq Footage MAC-C-SOG
Voice of James Ashcroft Gerard Butler
Additional Iraq Footage Robert Young Pelton
Toronto Interview Filming Jarred Land
L.A. Interview Filming Richard Fulop
Undercover Photographer Dominika Wolski
Producer Nick Bicanic
Producer Remy Kozak
Post-production Supervisor Les Lukacs
Graphic Designer Andrew Wanliss-Orlebar
Editor Les Lukacs
2D/3D Animator Stuart Mackay-Smith
Compositors Seán Travers & J.P.
Additional Compositing Nick Bicanic
Illustrations and Comics Colin Lorimer
Audio Post Production Facility dbc sound inc.
Dialog/Sound Effects Editor Ewan Deane
Foley Artist Maureen Murphy
Foley Engineer Gordon Sproule
Re-recording Mixers Ewan Deane & Dean Giammarco
High Definition Finishing facility Shaman Digital
Colorist Seán Travers
Music Supervisor Andrew Wanliss-Orlebar
“Can you touch me” by Film
“Precious Mountain” by Quickspace
“Hwicci Song” by U-Ziq
“Le commun des motels” by M
“Barnowl”, “Drumheller” by Caribou
“Hey Now Now” by The Cloud Room
“Unison”, “Mes” by Murcof
“Figaro”, “Strange Ways” by Madvillain
“People get Ready” by Xn
“Turn you loose” by Great Bear
“Embrace my Madness” by Kolja
“Fanny Adams” by Memory Band
“Esterika” by Sfatayim



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