Secrets of the Royal Kitchen



Graham Newbould is a former Royal Chef who served for more than four years as a Chef for the Queen on the Royal Yacht Britannia and as a personal cook for the Prince of Wales and Princess Diana. In the following documentary, he reveals what happens in the kitchen of renowned House of Windsor.

Graham demonstrates the viewers how to cook a healthy and fit food for a Queen. From TV dinners at Buckingham Palace to simmered salmons caught and cooked at the Royal Family’s stay at Scotland, he shows different food recopies he cooked at different occasions. He goes back on the ship, the Royal Yacht Britannia, where he uses Royal ice cream machine in a proper manner, and even remakes the breakfast he assisted to serve for the Prince and Princess of Wales at their wedding. Furthermore, he gives an interesting perception into the Palace daily food, from cucumber sandwiches to a special food of beef liver and rice prepared for Royal corgi.


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