Sea the Truth



We live in a place so full of mysteries no matter how much we find out it will always only just be the tip of the iceberg.  We call it Earth yet under 1/3 is land, more than 2/3 is water and we utilize that water as a dumping site for our waste and as though it’s an unlimited “horn of bounty” for people.  This narrative is basically about how we are destroying ourselves with such actions.

Is it possible that the seas will be unfilled in 30 years? Provided that this is true, we people are mindful. Two youthful sea life scholars set out to do explore for us – Marianne van Mierlo and Barbara van Genne. In this film (continuation of Meat the Truth) we entirety up the actualities why our oceans and seas are in incredible peril. Individuals who don’t plunge have no clue how lovely the submerged world is. The biodiversity is so colossal and you see the most stunning animals. What you can see under the water is craftsmanship.

Educator Daniel Pauly has been distributed about the impacts of worldwide over-angling for a considerable length of time. We have a circumstance where we are as of now beginning losing fish populace at an expanding rate. Pauly is a standout amongst the most prestigious looks into concerning the state in the seas. For his work he has gotten privileged doctorates from colleges in Greece, Belgium, Canada, Portugal and the Netherlands.


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