This movie is directed by noted photographer David LaChapelle who makes his feature directorial debut with this movie, presenting a new aspect of street culture in South Central Los Angeles. In 1992, a man named Tommy Johnson solicit to spread a new message in a new way to the African- Americans of the city, after the long living ethnic tensions in Los Angeles that exploded in riots  due to the verdicts in the Rodney King trial.

Johnson developed an act by the combination of dancing and hip-hop-flavored comedy with an anti-gang and anti-violence message, and creates a character called Tommy the Clown. Performances of Johnson became extremely popular in South Central areas, and at one point 50 different groups performing in the area were inspired by Johnson’s example. In that time the loose-limbed dancing style of Johnson inspired a new wave of Hip-hop Street dancing called “Krumping”,  which is characterized by the free, expressive, uncontrolled and energetic movements of the arms, legs and body.


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