Realme C15 Review: Champion of a Large Battery

Realme C15

First time in the world! No, it is not the first smartphone with a 6,000 mAh battery, but it is evidently that the Realme C15 was first introduced globally in the world. Yup, reality is indeed always intense to bring advanced technology, if the feature is not brought to the mid-range, new features are brought to the entry-level. Previously, the Realme C11 brought a whole lot more new designs. Not only has the camera design had reality also brought Nightscape features, which were not previously available on smartphones in the upper class.

Realme C15 Review

Realme C15 Specifications Review

Through the launch of the Realme C15, the Realme wants to bring a smartphone with a 6,000mAh Mega Battery. The battery is large, but it is also supported by 18 Watt Quick Charge charging technology. These two technologies first appeared, in contrast to the Realme C-series known as the Entry-Level King. What is this smartphone like as a whole? Only cool in the battery, or in all the features needed, including setting the rear camera? Here is my experience trying the Realme C15 for several days.

The design

When I first held this smartphone, it felt a little thicker and heavier than other Realme smartphones. Naturally, the battery is really big, but still satisfied, with a thickness of 9.8mm and a weight of 209 grams. Think of it like holding a superior smartphone that has the same weight. From the front, visible mini-drop notch with three sides of the thin bezel except for the lower bezel which is slightly thick. There are volume and power buttons on the right, blank on the top and triple SIM slot on the top left. While at the bottom there is a 3.5mm audio jack, microphone, micro-USB port and mono speaker.

The rear body starts a fresh design from the Realme C11. Similar, but made a little different. The logo of reality still remains at the bottom, with the box camera module already present, while the pattern reminds me of some old smartphone Realme series, using a geometric gradient design, gradation of the color looks fresher, still interesting to be seen Stay in the beginner class. Coming without a soft case in the sales package, the Seagull Silver Realme C15 that I tried was not easy to get dirty with its matte surface. Also not slippery compilation is being held. If you want something more colorful and slightly darker, you can choose the Marine Blue color option.


Dimensions are 6.5 inches, have HD + resolution, 88.7{165212238e4660484af9e2eb49857524096e2b6dd765f45235cac26d6ae13676} screen-to-body ratio and use a mini-drop notch. The Realme C15 screen is the same as other affordable Realme smartphones, and this deserves a bad thing. The IPS panel used has a pretty good resolution and saturation, color but not excessive, and is quite accurate in its class. The screen is suitable for use as entertainment media. Unfortunately, this smartphone comes with the Widevine L1 certification, so if you watch the Netflix series, you can’t reach 720p resolution. LED notifications too, but there is an option to open the screen every time a notification arrives on a smartphone. Since it was opened from the box, the Realme C15 already has a scratch-resistant coating installed from the manufacturer. My advice, just use it, even though it’s covered with Corning Gorilla Glass 3. So it lasts longer.

Realme C15 Specifications


Well, first completed in the C-Series, the Realme C15 is now using a Quad Camera configuration. The sensor supports 13MP resolution with f / 2.2 apertures and supports PDAF. Then there is an 8MP f / 2.2 ultra-wide-angle camera with an angle of view reaching 119 degrees. The Realmi is to provide features like HDR and Chroma Boost, for instant saturation of photos. Well, the two additional camera sensors are quite unique, each with a 2MP resolution. One sensor is black and white or BW, the other is called a Retro lens. What is a Retro lens? This feature can be found compiling the camera using portrait mode, and then select the second filter on the far right. The camera will simulate older photos with typical corner or edge frames.

Both the main camera, ultra-wide camera and 8MP front camera can be used to upgrade videos to full HD 1080p resolution at 30fps. Unfortunately, it is not yet equipped with EIS, so you have to be more stable in agreeing that the recording is not shaken. No less special, the camera is also equipped with Super Nightscape mode. This mode works for rear cameras, both wide and ultra wide sensors, which will take several photos with different exposures which are then combined into one final photo, pretty decent to make the photos brighter and clearer in poor lighting conditions.

Realme C15 Feature Review

This smartphone has run the Realme of UI based on Android 10. Customization is quite abundant, ranging from themes and fonts that can be replaced, dark mode that can change the appearance of third-party applications at once, and much more. When you need time to rest, the focus mode feature is present to turn off notifications, so you can focus more on resting or even meditating. The Realme C15 comes with a fingerprint sensor embedded in the rear body. The sensor is quite accurate and fast in scanning, even though the fingers are a little wet though. And thanks to the slightly improved front camera, the face unlock feature is also quite reliable. The presence of a fingerprint sensor is suitable for alternative users who often use masks on their faces during a pandemic.

Realme C15

Realme C15 Performance Review

MediaTek Helio G35 was chosen as the core of this Realme smartphone’s. Entry class chipset, but still included in the gaming series. With an octa-core CPU that has the highest clock speed at 2.3GHz and 12nm fabrication, the performance feels fast. The Realme C15 will come with 3GB & 4GB LPDDR4x RAM options, internal memory options are also relieved, 64GB and 128GB and still have a dedicated micro SD card slot. Overall, the performance is quite okay. Not slow, but also not special. Create a game like PUBG: Mobile with smooth-medium graphic settings. Naturally, performance is indeed not the main advantage of this large-battery smartphone. In addition to batteries, the ability of smartphones to bulldoze daily smartphone activities is also emphasized in the reality of this C15.


If it’s not a large capacity, smartphone technology Realme generally very fast, now, in the Realme C15 which is actually an entry-level smartphone, the reality combines two innovations at once, uses the largest battery, 6,000 mAh plus 18W Quick Charge. In previous Realme smartphones that have a 5,000 mAh battery, it is very normal if it lasts up to two days of use. With the Realme C15, it’s easy to use up to three days, with usage that tends to be mild of course yes. Meanwhile, if it is more intensive, it is often made to watch drama while streaming, it can run for two days with screen-on time up to 9-10 hours.

Only in the Realme C15, I’m not worried about going out of the house (when it’s needed, yes, if you don’t need to be at home) with a 20{165212238e4660484af9e2eb49857524096e2b6dd765f45235cac26d6ae13676} battery capacity. Even when it’s 5{165212238e4660484af9e2eb49857524096e2b6dd765f45235cac26d6ae13676}, you can activate the Super Power Saving Mode feature which can increase the service life to a few more hours. Interestingly, Super Power Saving Mode offers users to choose the 6 most frequently used applications to focus the system and power management to the selected application in order to extend battery life. Then, want to make the Realme C15 as a power bank? Yes, you can through the reverse charging feature with the addition of a separate USB OTG cable. When needing to charge, it only takes about 30 minutes to increase power by 25{165212238e4660484af9e2eb49857524096e2b6dd765f45235cac26d6ae13676}. Meanwhile, to fully charge, it takes about 3 hours. Once again, this is very reasonable considering the large capacity of the battery. The standby time can reach 57 days, aka almost two months.

Conclusion of Realme C15

The Realme is really targeting this smartphone for Gizmo friends who, arguably, have low battery anxiety or don’t want their smartphone batteries to run out quickly. With a 6,000 mAh battery in the Realme C15, you can use this smartphone for up to three days or more without the need for a charge, and the charging is also one of the fastest in its class. The addition of a retro camera in the back is a gimmick which, well, is quite exciting. The performance is also not the fastest, so is the quality of the camera. Its name is also an entry class; it cannot excel on all sides. At least, the features provided are still okay for everyday use, making the Realme C15 suitable for a new Entry-Level King option.

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