Real Life Footage of North Korea




Journalists going to North Korea are kept under close observation and they must have to accept the company 24 hours a day of guides who are guarantor of the country’s good image. The documentary is recorded by two French journalists, and is the rarest one that exposes how North Korean people really live. North Korea doesn’t like the French, and do not let French journalist to go out alone in the country.  The reason they give is the French took part in North Korean operations, but in Pyongyang sights every foreigner is a potential enemy who has to be strictly watched. It’s the avowed responsibility of every guide to companion the visitor and regurgitate the regime’s propaganda.

During their stay, the journalists were restricted to their Pyongyang hotel with absolutely no chance of being allowed to visit the city alone. Their every journey was preprogrammed and severs the objectives of propaganda machine.

They were permitted to visit the Pyongyang city and film the latest infrastructures. The authorities attempt to airbrush the image usually associated with this country; a dictatorial regime, a family dynasty, and brutal oppression. From school through the university loyalty to the leader seems unfailing, but all the parades, songs and smiles hide another reality.

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