Quran and Evolutionary Biology! Dr Farid Khan


If anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of all mankind. Quran 5:32

Dr. Farid Khan is an award-winning scientist and innovator who has worked in drug discovery at GlaxoSmithkline and obtained a PhD from Cambridge University. Dr. Khan has developed drugs for rare diseases biosensers and imaging agents for cancer diagnosis and treatment. He has secured £multi-million funds from private and public sources, formed key interdisciplinary collaborations with industry, academic institutions and charities including stakeholders in the UK’s healthcare agenda.

A visionary leader and respected scientist, with deep knowledge in the engineering & Life Sciences sector gained through business and strong links with the bio-pharmaceutical, agri-technology and clean-technology industry, both internationally and in the UK.

Dr. Khan holds at research associate position at The University of Cambridge and The University of Manchester. He has been independently acknowledged as a leader in the UK’s healthcare business community and has a proven track record of innovation.

Quran and Evolutionary Biology! Part 2



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