Planet Ant: Life Inside the Colony


This is Dr George McGavin’s utmost profoundly recognized work that has taken six months to cover. This documentary takes us to a hidden colony where there is a complete different life for a tiny little specie. They’ve assembled another home for one million of nature’s most uncommon animals – ants. They entrance us, they assemble mind boggling, sorted out social orders and we’ve generally drawn parallels between their reality and our own.

So what would we be able to gain from ants? To discover researchers brought a working state of leafcutter ants from the tropics of Central America to Glasgow. They’ve reproduced their home so they can see inside and for one month they’re going to catch each part of their lives. In the wild the leafcutters burrow colossal underground homes. Researchers utilized the ants’ normal outline to rouse their own creation. Be that as it may, the leafcutters require more than only a home, they likewise require nourishment. Researchers manufactured them an entire domain where they’ll have the capacity to hunt or scavenge down nourishment as they would do in nature. They will let the antsΒ  over this entire new world they’ve worked for them, and throughout the following month will be truly intrigued to perceive how they take control of it and how the province creates.


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