Pakistan After Bin Laden



Suroosh Alvi of VICE traveled to Abbottabad , Pakistan to see the infamous compound of Bine Laden and what people really think about living next to the most wanted escapee of America.

Abbottabad city is located 110 Kilometers away from Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. It is considered to be the safest city in Pakistan due to the huge presence of army, and itself the town is a military garrison. But it is an irony of the fact that Bine Laden was there.

Suroosh Alvi meets Abrar Rasheed, a senior reporter of a Pakistani TV network Geo, who was basically one of the first reporters on the scene and the first person who broke that story, but he himself didn’t know who the high-value target was, until the claim of President Obama. He says that he is sure Osama’s family members were there but Osama himself was not there. According to him it’s a very mysterious matter, and unfortunately Pakistani government and military authorities have added more into this mystery. Abrar Rasheed says that since 9/11 at least 35,000 Pakistani citizens lost their lives in this so-called war against terror. And being an American ally 5,300 military personal lost their lives. Pakistan suffered $68 to $69 billion loss and against that amount Pakistan got $20 billion. Pakistan has sacrificed a lot and in return got humiliation, taunts, and demands of do more.

In the film an 11-years-old boy Zarar Amjad is shown who lived across the street from the Bine Laden compound. He was the boy who played cricket and when his ball would go across over the wall into the compound, they wouldn’t give him the ball back, but a man would give him 50 rupees. The child says there was a nice man Uncle Nadeem in the compound who took his grandfather to the doctor twice. He   went to their house many times and played with his kids, but he never saw Osama Bine Laden like man there.

Citizens of Abbottabad and majority of Pakistanis especially educated youth didn’t believe that Osama was there. Students in the film says that how it is possible that America’s most wanted man was living there next to the Pakistani Military Academy and nobody noticed? It doesn’t make sense because America didn’t showed even the dead body of the most wanted man to the public, while Saddam Husain was hanged publicly. If Osama was really there, where is the body? Where is the proof?


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