Oil and Water



Louisiana region is distinguished by Cajun families who do the job of capturing seafood from generations. Their attachment to the land is deep-rooted based on a long and proud inheritance; a symbiotic relationship which has faced severe challenges in recent decades. In 2005 Hurricane Katrina catastrophe devastated the area and the recovery process from that incident is still continued. The flourishing oil and gas industries are considered by some residents as a major threat to their salvation and persistence.

When the oil and gas industries moved into the region, their rising business also benefited many of the families in the surrounding community. Their economic status raised and the industry wealth going into the state granted for pivotal expansions in infrastructure. The association of the fishing, oil and gas industries appeared amicable for some time, as for the benefit of the region as a whole each segment seemed to support the other. But that was suffered by a tidal shift with the BP oil spill in 2010, one of the most horrific environmental disasters in the US history.

As shown in the film, interviews of area residents represent all sides of the issue. The disaster caused a real crisis in the lives of many families who make their living from the high paying jobs generated by the oil and gas industries.


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