Offline is the New Luxury




In family get-togethers, restaurants and other events, we have observed that face of every person we see is covered with the mesmerizing light of their tablet or smart phon. Is there any get ride? In this new documentary Offline is the New Luxury which is produced by VPRO, a new progress developed is followed to obtain an escape from just that thing.

The film starts from the most essential question, that what we have missing as a consequence of our enhancing interrelation with digital technologies? Paradoxically in a planet where we can connect and send massages to about any person in the World via many social media platforms, we have turned out to be more disengaged from one another than even before. We have lost our talent for social interaction, the knack of conversation, the familiarity of eye contact and the dignity of living in the moment.

An increasing number of products and services peruse to rectify this insufficiency can seen in the film. For example the White Spots App, a creative program that discovers regions of a user’s surrounding which have no digital network signals. Other technologies are used to close digital signals in public places. In Netherland a company manufactures products that provide protection from the radiations emitted from these devices. A German spa retreat concentrates in availability of an offline atmosphere that appreciates soothing isolation and a resumed concentration on the self.

Basically there is no part of the World that lacks digital signals. Offline is the New Luxury just attempts to throw light with deep insight on the potential disadvantages of increasing interrelation with digital technologies, and doesn’t overlook the positive features of an interconnected World.

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