Nuclear Weapons BBC Documentary



Over 70 years ago, a few scribbles on a black board opened the door to a new reality and fateful decisions set the world on a path to nuclear weapons. Nuclear bomb altered our reality eternally and produced some of the worst psychological tensions ever in the World history. In nuclear weapons, the technology of nuclear explosion has used that changed human existence forever.

First appeared in the New Mexico desert, the bomb that was tested 70 years ago turned night in the day and set the world in a new and dangerous path. The nuclear weapons could destroy in an instant a city and much more and the consequences may not be just attributed for one nation or another but for all the mankind. Today, besides the US and Russia, six other nations also has the nuclear bomb and the scariest ones among them are the India and Pakistan, the oldest enemies of each other.

The BBC documentary Nuclear Weapons provide fruitful information about the history of nuclear weapons and also an inspiration to think about this worst issue today.


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