What North Korean Defectors Think of North Korea



The main sources of news and other activities the world knows about North Korea are the night by night news and coverage of daily journals that don’t have any references. The film What North Korean Defectors Think of Korea has conversations that illustrate and proffer a much relevant and human viewpoint on what exist under the massive burden of a repressive despotism.

The film contains an appealing interview with a young man and women, who have no relation except that both are the former citizens of North Korea; however they suffered strikingly similar conditions in their life journeys. They faced extremely dangerous situations while attempting to defect. Fortunately, their efforts proved successful; while they were fully aware of the consequences of their acts they would have endured in case of their capture.

In the first part of the film, those ruthless facts and dangers are marked that North Koreans must faces in their everyday lives. Both subjects of the interview experienced extreme shortages of electricity and food like most of the country’s oppressed citizens, and from early ages observed vast adversities and death.

In the second part of the film, the interview subjects talk about their efforts in quest for better life in South Korea. Their new life and home gave them a prosperous cultural landscape and greater freedoms. This change offered them with an extremely challenging, enlightening, and gratifying experience of learning. They share panics and hopes they still exist for their motherland, and woes for the protection of family members they left behind in North Korea.

What North Korean Defectors Think of Korea reveals a human sight on one of the world’s most contentious counties, with exploring perception and great compassion.


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