Nano Technologies Documentary [BBC Documentary] [Top & Best Documentary] [Documentary 2016] [HD]


Nano Technologies Documentary [2016] [BBC Documentary] [Top, Full & Best Documentary] [Documentary 2016] [HD] [Documentary Films]

Nanotechnology is a buzzword and is making incredible progress. Therefore, expected that in the coming years cause greater feeling than currently produces the internet. But really do we know what it is? In what you have.

First, it is important to note that this is a field of science that studies the manipulation of matter at the nanoscale, ie, atom by atom. The development of this knowledge could get cutting-edge and efficient solutions to complex problems, such as environmental and medical nature. Precisely the most advanced research are recorded in the field of medicine and biology.

Reality or science fiction
The impact of nanotechnology on modern life still looks like a science fiction story. Drugs that work at the atomic level, microchips capable of complex genetic analysis, generation of inexhaustible energy sources, construction of buildings with micro robots, fighting pests and pollution at the molecular scale, are just some of the research areas that develop through use.

Throughout the 30 years that have passed since they began research in this field of science, scientists realized that at the molecular level, the matter ceases to have the properties that we know with the eye. Any material is composed of millions of atoms that interact together and result in certain qualities of that material. Then, individually, the atoms are different from the material forming properties, and if handled and combined in a way, may create materials other than those we know and do not even exist in nature.

In the medical field, the latest research seeking alternative treatment to attack cancer at the atomic level without harming healthy cells. It is also working on the design of electronic microchips able to get in a few minutes with a single drop of blood, the medical history of any person, to see if the conditions are hereditary.

Currently, many products generated by nanotechnology have been applied to everyday life, as lighter and stronger materials or catalysts with platinum nanoparticles on vehicles to make fuel consumption more efficient.

In the US, sports stadiums use a very specific application of this technology for their lighting systems: tubes called carbon nanotubes or nanoscale. In Japan, light panels and also made from nanostructured materials, to reduce energy loss as heat that regularly have the spotlight. Also, it is investigating how to incorporate this into the computer screens and televisions.

Some other practical adaptations that this technology could generate are: nanometric devices installed on clothing that detects temperature changes to make the qualities of the fabric are adapted to climatic conditions, detect rain and behave waterproof mode or change color depending on the light. Another example: in a drug, a device controlling dosed administration that the discharge is made at a specific location within the circulatory system. Also in the case of medicine, it is expected to produce systems to repair injuries at specific points of the body affected.

The real example is incredibly widespread and: the reading heads of today’s hard drives, which have an (a few atomic layers of) a nanometric thickness sensor element. This technology has allowed greatly increase the density of data storage.

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