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This film is about the layers upon layers of games between the sexes and ultimately about the loss of innocence.
In a very strange world where hostesses are a special kind of modern-day geisha, it gets to the heart of what drives men and how feelings can transcend a commercial transaction.

‘Nice girls’ in ever increasing numbers continue to flock to Tokyo from all over the world hoping to make their fortunes.Not even the death of a British girl has deterred them from seeking work in Japan ’s nightlife industry. After university Chloe and Dalia went over to Japan to earn a bit of money.They started work as ‘hostesses’ in Roppongi, Tokyo ’s infamous red-light district. Paid good money to talk,flirt,and get drunk with Japanese businessmen in the same area where English hostess Lucie Blackman was killed, ostensibly by her own customer, the previous year.

This is the confused emotional journey of an innocent abroad. Kat, Chloe’s sister came over to join them and they started filming her on her first day.Over three months she goes through a lot of drink,a lot of business cards and a lot of soul searching.At the end of the film she has to face a momentous personal decision.

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