Murderball which is well known as a Wheelchair Rugby, is a game created by quadriplegic athletes. As indicated from the name it has every bit vary aggressive and played with bone-breaking intensity. A typical game of Wheelchair Rugby includes few head-on collisions, many of trash-talking to intimidate the opposites, and the occasional player being thrown from his altered wheelchair. At the Paralympics, a worldwide competition for handicapped athletes, the game has become an official event and in the event the U.S and Canada have become ferocious competitors. Joe Soares an American athlete, when dropped from the top seat of the U.S team, he retaliated angrily by signing on as a coach for the Canadian team, which in the games he led to an upset victory for Canadian team.

In 2004, when American and Canadian teams traveled to Athens, Greece, the filmmaker Henry Alex Rubin and journalist Dana Adam Shapiro followed and documented the fierce competition between the two teams.

Murderball exhibits detailed information about 2004 Wheelchair Rugby tournament, as well as the personal stories of athletes.


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