Mountain Monks




Bhak TV presents Mountain Monks, a documentary-travelogue that takes a frank look at the numerous resemblances between the monastic traditions of India and Tibet. Filmed and produced by Vasudeva Joly in Eastern Himalayas, the film is set in Darjeeling, picturesque foothills of North Bengal, and in Gangtak the capital of Sikkim, and explores similarities between Vaishnava Hinduism and Lamaist Buddhism.

The film also includes a beautiful view of surrounding mountains, an interview of a young lama at the ancient Rumtek Monastery, and a frightening slide up a sheer mountain road that was devastated in 2011 by a 6.9 earthquake. Lastly, the viewers are taken to the glacial Changghu Lake, that is located  3,780 meters above sea level at the Tibetan border.


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