The Light Bulb Conspiracy




Since childhood we have read and studied about the conspiracy of the light bulb. There is no true medium that has put an insight on the issue but this narrative depicts the major facts that every individual should know.

Arranged Obsolescence is the ponder shortening of item life expectancies to ensure purchaser request. As a magazine for promoters compactly puts it: the declines to destroy is a catastrophe of business – and a disaster for the present day development society which depends on a continually quickening cycle of generation, utilization and discarding.

The Light Bulb Conspiracy consolidates investigative research and uncommon document footage to follow the untold story of Planned Obsolescence, from its beginnings in the 1920s with a mystery cartel, set up explicitly to confine the life expectancy of lights, to present-day stories including bleeding edge gadgets, (for example, the iPod) and the developing soul of resistance among standard customers.

This film goes to France, Germany, Spain and the US to discover observers of a business practice which has turned into the premise of the cutting edge economy, and brings back troubling pictures from Africa where disposed of hardware are heaping up in enormous graveyards for electronic waste.


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