Life after Guantanamo




Muhammad Odani of Yemen spent nearly nine years in Guantanamo Bay American Prison situated in Cuba. He was never charged with any crime and is the last detainee from that prison to have returned home.

Fault Lines make a journey to Yemen to ask about the outcomes of American policy of indefinite detention and to find out that after Guantanamo, what life is like there.

When the tremors of 9/11 began resounding around the World, Muhammad was studying in Pakistan in that time. In the spring season of 2002, one night he was going to a student’s house when he was arrested by Pakistani authorities along with more than a dozen others. After two months, Pakistani authorities turned him over to American forces.

Farouque Ali Ahmad had also spent eight years at Guantanamo. He also denies like Muhammad and says that he never been involved in any kind of terrorism or attacks on US targets. Even though US tagged them in enemy fighters and said they were connected with Al-Qaeda, but never accused them with anything either. They say that physical torture was extremely bad in Guantanamo, but you can’t compare any torture to the agony of being wrongly imprisoned.