Kim Jong-un: The Unauthorized Biography



Kim Jong-un is the chairman of the Worker’s Party of Korea and the supreme leader of the North Korea. He is the youngest son of the former leader Kim Jong-il. Very little solid truths about his rearing and the incidents that played a major role in making his worldview have been made available.

He obtained his seminal education in Switzerland. In this film some of his teachers and classmates are interviewed who remember him as an ideally nice, however sometimes rowdy student with an eager interest in video games and basketball.

He was not ready to receive his father’s responsibilities, but in 2011 upon the death of his father, he found himself precisely to take his father’s place and due to his rising he appears on the international stage. At that time he was just 26 years old. Many people considered his first actions as a brutal hit against tradition as he executed a nearest advisor of his father and removed several members of the old guard. He conscripted only those people who stood without any doubt and were not failing in their allegiance to him.

This documentary is highly recommended to those who want to learn more about the difficult leader who rules over the dangerous region of the World.


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