Kashmir: Born To Fight – 101 East



The World’s most militarized zone not exists in Syria or Iraq, but it’s Indian-administered Kashmir, a region where anger floods the streets in recent months. In the brutal crackdown of government on unarmed protesters, more than hundred people died while thousands suffer severe eye injuries after being shot by police pallet guns.

Kashmir is a Muslim majority territory where children and mostly teenagers demand independence. Women raised their fests to call for freedom. More than 60’000 Indian soldiers are stationed in Kashmir, blamed by activists for decades of murder, torture, rape and other abuses.

Since the late 1980’s, the Kashmiri people have been fighting to separate from India, some of which wants to join Pakistan while the other wants an independent state. On 8 July 2016, 22 years old rebel leader Burhan Wani killed by the security forces,whose death sent shock waves in the Kashmir valley, and brought the protesters to the streets again and reached the conflict to a tipping point.

We can see a 14 years old school girl Ifra Shakoor, who lost her one eye and has only a 10% vision in the other eye, due to be shot by the police pallet gun. The separatist leaders are now warning that the hard-line policies of government are radicalizing young Kashmiri men. In the following episode, Al Jazeera 101 East investigates, is India’s iron-fisted rule in Kashmir creating a new generation of fighters?


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