Jihad: A Story of the Others



A rising number of westerners fall victim to radicalization under the guardianship of terrorist organizations have observed during recent years. To find the reason of this disturbing outbreak, the filmmaker and director Deeyah Khan spent about two years in forthright speaking with the features of this complex matter from all sides, the recruiters as well as their prey.

In the film it is disclosed that this phenomenon is not new. A Muslim well-regarded preacher Abu-Muntasir are talking in the film, who started teaching extremist ideas when an increasing bigotry started to take grip within him for all other religions and faiths. All it began in the 1980s as he observed the appearance of the Islamic Jihad Movement in Afghanistan against the assault of Russian forces. In Britain he was the first Muslim who makes a journey to the war-devastated county to join the battle, and then set a role-model for others to come.

The film also attributes discussions with two most persuadable recruits of Muntasir. They both proved his power of influence and his prosperity and power of knowledge. Fortunately, many subjects of the film have left the extremism and now their disturbing experiences they share give a more sympathetic massage of peace and tolerance.


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