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Jackpot takes viewers inside the strange, compelling, sometimes hilarious and sometimes heartbreaking world of hardcore Bingo players. With their cards laid out in front of them, and their hopes and dreams riding on the next number out of the machine, these passionate players have devoted an innumerable amount of money, time, and effort to the pursuit of a game that does not require skill but rather patience, determination, and a great deal of luck. Peeling away the layers, the documentary becomes about more than Bingo – it is about the nature of luck, superstition, chance, and the human need to feel like victory is possible, even if it is always just one number away.

It is 8:45 on Sunday morning and while most of us are sleeping, 91-year-old Margaret Miller is staking out her favourite seat at a run-down Bingo Hall in one of the less desirable areas of Toronto. She has not missed a Sunday morning session in over 20 years. Margaret is one of a small group of dedicated players who show up day-after-day, week-after-week, year-after-year, religiously hoping that this will be their day….

As we leave the Bingo Hall and delve deeper into the lives of these players, we find that the personal stakes are incredibly high. For some, winning means being able to pay the bills. For many, it means being able to keep playing another day. For Margaret Miller, winning means that even at 91, winning is still possible.

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