Israel’s Secret Weapon



In the Middle East which country has undeclared Nuclear weapons, and undeclared biological and chemical abilities? Which country in the Middle East has no outside scrutiny? Which country imprisoned its nuclear snitcher for 18 years? A former Israeli nuclear technician and peace activist Mordechia Vanunu informed the World that Israel had prepared one to two hundred atomic bombs and had gone on to prepare thermonuclear weapons and neutron bombs. All these weapons are more sufficient to destroy the whole Middle East and nobody has noticed and done anything since about it. It is believed that plutonium is made in Dimona; nuclear weapons are assembled at Yodefat and stored at Zachariah and Eilabun.  Three nuclear submarines are located in Haifa, and the chemical and biological warfare laboratories of Israel are at Nes Ziona.

Israel ignores such comments, while evidences appear continuously. When an Israeli cargo plane crashed in Amsterdam in 1992, Israel asserted that it was carrying perfume and flowers. It took six years and before they acknowledged, a Dutch parliamentary investigation reported that it was transporting DMMP, a major constituent for sarin nerve gas. The DMMP was taken for The Israeli Institute of Biological Research at Nes Ziona, which is one of the most secret defense sites of Israel.  International inspection is not allowed to this institute and strict military censorship prevents reporting of its activities in Israel.


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