Islamophobia in the USA



Islamophobia in the USA is an investigation by Abdullah Elshami of Al Jazeera Arabic. He attempts to find out who and what is at the back of increased anti-Islamic sentiments in the USA, and moreover, what they think about Islam and Muslims, how they work and who funding them.

The investigation exposes a network of Islamophobic politicians, funders, writers and campaigners. They all collaborated to make-happen such conditions in which Donald Trump would be win the 2016 presidential election. Trump has already campaigned openly for a full ban of all Muslims’ entry to the United States, and has since issued executive orders to restrict the movement of citizens of definite Muslim-majority countries to America.

What is Islamophobia?

Islamophobia, also called Muslimophobia, denotes to fear, abhorrence, hostility and prejudice towards Islam or Muslims, or to Islamic culture and politics.

When did Islamophobia Start in America and West?

The origin and characteristics of Islamophobia are still under discussion, however, the use of “Islamophobia” term began in the early 20th century. Incident of 9/11 played a major role in the rising of Islamophobia in the United States and Western world.

Islamophobia in America after 9/11

9/11 attacks and US military response on it greatly stimulated the development of Americans’ fear of international “terrorism”, which they connect with Islam. Furthermore, the beginning of so-called “crusades” by George W Bush against what he tagged the “axis of evil” worked as oil to the fire in increasing Islamophobia, and making of suspicion of the entire Middle East. With the 2003 invasion of US military of Iraq, the victims of that fear and prejudice became Arabs in general and Muslims in particular.
The Islamophobia and fear of Islam further increased with the upsurge of so-called ISIL (the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant) also known as ISIS and the manner the US mainstream media presented it. All it tend to discredit Muslims and depict their faith and them as a dangerous and aggression.
The communications director at the Council on American-Islamic Relations, Ibrahim Hooper, features the rise in recent anti-Muslim assaults to the Charlie Hebdo shooting, and the coverage of mainstream media on “radical Islam” whereas not using the “radical” word for non-Muslim beliefs.

Islamophobia America Statistics

The Islamophobia statistics in America are clear form a recent FBI report on annual hate crime. The report reveals a sharp increase in the countrywide hate crimes’ number, in which the spikiest ones are the assaults against Muslims. From 2014 to 2015, anti-Muslim hate crimes in America increased 67% in just one year, that is, from 154 incidents to 257.

Examples of Islamophobia

There is a largest number of worldwide incidents come in the Islamphobia category. Some of the recent ones are cited here:
At 29 January 2017, a mass shooting happened at the Islamic Center of Quebec City, Canada, which was sorted as an Islamophobic assault and a hate crime.
At 7 April 2017, a Muslim man in India was bind with a tree and beat to death for being feeling affection for a Hindu woman. While at 2 May 2017, two Muslim men in India were whacked to death by a mob in the suspicion of slaughter cows.
At 16 December 2016, a Muslim woman in London was hauled by her hijab on pavement. The incident was alleged a “hate crime” by the authorities.
At 23 February 2017, a man in Kansas, United States, shot and murdered an Indian immigrant and injured two others while considered him Arab. The killer shouted “get out of my country” before opening fire.


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