ISIS: “Islamic” Extremism?



ISIS, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, is now becoming a terrifying specter for many people. Beheadings, kidnappings, forced conversions, and extremely brutal acts of violence are the main characteristics of ISIS, about which we hear every day.  But what is ISIS, and where it came from? How do they work, and to what extent do they precisely reflect the basics of Islamic principles and faith?

These extremely relevant issues are discussed in the following documentary titled ISIS: “Islamic” Extremism?, and  a pensive examination of an organization which has managed to create anger and periodic support from the people everywhere of the world.

ISIS is a rebel group of radicalized Islamist which has conquered a large area of the Middle East and is trying to take power of many others. It produced and rose to dominance on the aftermath of the American-led war on terror. Aymenn Al-Tamimi, an Oxford University expert in Middle Eastern affairs and extremist groups, says about ISIS in start of the film “Chaos is fundamentally an environment that ISIS (lives) on”.


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