ISIL: Target Russia (ISIS Documentary)




ISIL (the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant), which is also known as ISIS (the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria), and Al-Qaeda have always considered the United States and Western world as their vital enemies. But now, after the Russian military involvement in Syria, Russia is also one of the main targets of ISIL.

Ahmad Saeedi of Dawat University, Kabul, says “At the moment ISIL’s rage is directed at Bashar al-Assad and Putin. They are the main enemies of ISIL because Russia has smashed ISIL in Syria and the same in Iraq. They will do anything to get their revenge on Russia,”.

In the almost unassailable mountains of Afghanistan, the ISIL fighters from Iraq, Syria, and other places are reassembling to plot vengeance against Russia. A recent terrorist attack on metro in St Petersburg showed the susceptibility of any modern city. A young Uzbek person of Russian nationality exploded a TNT bomb on a moving train in the mid of the day.  In that attack, fifteen killed and dozens were injured. In the Russian media, the bomber was latterly reported to have been with ISIS in Syria in 2014.

The Russians claim they are continuously monitoring the activities and movements of ISIL, asserting disinterest about threats from the terrorist group. On the other hand, the Afghan-Russian relationships are decades old with a rich history of conflicts. In the mid of 1980s, the Afghan-Soviet war was waged against the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan, and the insurgent groups known as “Mujahedeen”. The alliance of Afghan tribesmen in the leadership of Ahmad Shah Masoud ultimately forced the withdrawal of Soviet Union army in 1983. And the power vacuum created paved the way for the rise and development of different armed groups like Taliban, Al-Qaeda, and ISIL.

Zubair Masoud, current advisor to the Afghan National Security Council and nephew of Ahmad Shah Masoud, say that the ISIL fighters’ arrival to Afghanistan is a major threat to the country and its neighbors. He says that Afghanistan is a strategic place, and the ISIS regrouping here indicates that their main and eventual target is Russia.

In Afghanistan, ISIL has not only attacking isolated villages, but also has triggered the capital Kabul. In their recent suicide terror attack in Kabul, 150 died while hundreds injured. So, if they manage to penetrate a number of their trained secret agents into Russia they speak of, then their currently produced massacre in Afghanistan is just a forerunner to their tactics for Moscow, and other Russian cities.

Masoud say that the number of ISIL fighters rising in the region at an extremely rapid rate, while the neighbor countries to the northern Afghanistan, including Russia, may not understand the severity of the situation. ISIL: Target Russia provides a look at how the world’s terrible terrorist organization and its small groups are organizing and training to send fighter units into north, with the final goal of attacking Russia.


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