Inside Story – What are the consequences of Trump’s refugee policies?



Donald Trump says that he is closing the doors of the United States for refugees to keep America safe. The executive order includes the countries Syria, Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Libya, and Yemen.  Is the United States is insecure because it has a greater record of accepting refugees from wars and conflicts in poverty? How Donald Trump will keep the America safe from any American maniac, who can go to any gun store, buy a semi-automatic weapon and shoot up the nearby school or mall or other public place? What will be the consequences of his refugee policies?

In the following program, Hashem Ahelbarra of Al Jazeera discussing the issue with Mouin Rabbani – Co-editor of Al Jadaliyya online magazine and the former political adviser to the UN Special Envoy for Syria, Leonard Doyle – International Organization for Migration, and Brad Thomas – Author of ‘The Trump Factor’ book.

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