Infinix Hot 9 Play Review and Specifications

Infinix Hot 9 Play

Infinix Hot 9 Play Review and Specifications – When it comes to cheap cell phones, Infinix is ​​indeed the champion. This brand is indeed a pioneer in presenting budget smartphones but also presents high value. In June 2020, this Hong Kong brand has released a variant of Infinix Hot 9. which is Infinix Hot 9 Play. On this occasion, we will present the advantages and disadvantages of Infinix Hot 9 Play. When compared with ordinary variants, this cellphone is more focused on battery capacity and screen size. Find out the answers to the advantages and disadvantages of Infinix Hot 9 Play below!

Infinix Hot 9 Play

The advantages of Infinix Hot 9 Play

Many are quite curious about Infinix Hot 9 Play. Because the various specifications are really not reasonable owned by HP for 1 million. What makes Infinix Hot 9 Play so superior? Here are some of the advantages.

  1. Super Large Battery

If you look at the majority of cellphones on the market, the most commonly found battery capacity is 4000 mAh. Some of them also have a 5000 mAh battery. So what about the capacity of 6000 mAh? Quite rare. This is what makes Infinix Hot 9 Play really special, especially considering the price entering the entry-level market segment. The battery life is truly extraordinary. Infinix Hot 9 Play can last up to 2 days at a time with a screen-on time of 10 hours, and still leaves 26{165212238e4660484af9e2eb49857524096e2b6dd765f45235cac26d6ae13676}. This is a duration that is difficult to shake by other HPs, even from the price segment above.

  1. Very Relieved Screen Size

Infinix Hot 9 Play is a cellphone that has a large screen. You who like to watch Netflix and YouTube are guaranteed to be satisfied with this cellphone. The screen it has has a size of 6.82 inches with HD resolution + 720 x 1640 pixels. Very big, right? The screen uses an IPS LCD panel and presents a pixel density of 263 ppi. Infinix Hot 9 Play still carries a waterdrop notch design, different from regular variants that already have punch-holes. Even so, this screen has filled almost all the space from side to side, so it has a body to screen ratio of 82.4{165212238e4660484af9e2eb49857524096e2b6dd765f45235cac26d6ae13676}. It’s really rare for a cellphone to have this wide screen. This means that if you want to have a cellphone with an unusually large screen but a limited budget, Infinix Hot 9 Play is the right choice.

  1. Comes with Android 10 (Go Edition)

While most other phones use the usual Android 10, Infinix Hot 9 Play is equipped with Android 10 Go Edition. So what distinguishes these two operating systems? Generally, Android 10 Go Edition is only given to entry-level phones that have RAM under 2 GB. The presence of the Go Edition is claimed to be able to open applications and move applications 10{165212238e4660484af9e2eb49857524096e2b6dd765f45235cac26d6ae13676} faster than the regular edition. The features and UI are not much different, it’s just that you will be offered various pre-installed apps which are variants of Go, such as YouTube Go, Google Assistant Go, and so on. Don’t worry, all the applications available on normal Android are also available on Go Edition, really! So even if you use the “light version” of Android, you can still feel the same benefits.

Infinix Hot 9 Play Review

  1. Support Special External Memory Slots

It’s really frustrating if you have to pull out the second SIM card every time you want to use a microSD card. That is why some HP manufacturers present special slots on their products, including Infinix Hot 9 Play. Infinix Hot 9 Play presents a triple slot so you can embed two nano SIM cards and use microSD at the same time.

  1. Superior Camera in its Class

Seeing from the camera specifications that only present dual cameras, maybe you think the photos on this cellphone are not too good. But who would have thought, for the low price segment, Infinix Hot 9 Play is able to capture shots and shots with details that are maintained in sufficient lighting conditions. The camera lens presented on this cellphone is a powerful 13 MP (wide) lens that already has an autofocus feature. As for the second lens, there is a QVGA lens which is a low-light sensor. Although not presented with an ultra wide lens, Infinix Hot 9 Play still has a panorama mode. Not to forget, the lens is also equipped with Triple LED Flash and HDR modes. At the front, embedded selfie lens resolves 8 MP. Both the front camera and rear camera can record video at 1080p resolution with a frame rate of 30 FPS. Here are some sample photos taken from the Sophisticated video.

  1. Chipset Performance is OK

One activity that has never escaped the habits of young people is playing games. Infinix Hot 9 Play itself is one of the mobile choices that can be used to play games without making broken bags. The chipset that is presented on this cellphone is Helio A22 with 12 nm fabrication. This chipset is accompanied by a PowerVR GE8300 graphics card and presents a quad core configuration consisting of ARM Cortex A53 with a speed of 2.0 GHz. In comparison, the Helio A22 is equivalent to Snapdragon 429.

Based on information, the speed of the Helio A22 is 0.05 GHz superior to SD 429. Although this difference is only slight, Infinix Hot 9 Play’s performance is allegedly faster. In a testing video, it appears that Infinix Hot 9 Play is capable of running PUBG Mobile with Smooth graphics settings and Medium frame rate settings. The game takes place with improvised graphics. The game session that took place was quite smooth but somewhat broken. Infinix Hot 9 Play offers enough decent value in terms of performance.

  1. Classy Display Design

Some HP brands often present stylish rear body designs, for example like OPPO and Infinix. Even though it only costs 1 million, Infinix Hot 9 Play really doesn’t look like a cheap cellphone. This is thanks to the design of the rear body which is made classy with striped motifs so it looks like a diamond cut. This Infinix design called Gem Cut Texture comes in four color variants, namely Midnight Black (black), Quetzal Cyan (greenish blue), Violet (purple), and Ocean Wave (blue).

The Disadvantages of Infinix Hot 9 Play

No matter how great Infinix Hot 9 Play, this cellphone still can’t be separated from its identity as an entry-level cellphone. So, you can still find some shortcomings that are quite commonly owned by low-cost market segments, namely as follows.

Infinix Hot 9 Play Specifications

  1. Internal Memory and Small RAM

If you want to experience a decent experience when using a cell phone, you need a large amount of RAM. Unfortunately Infinix Hot 9 Play only includes 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory. This internal memory uses eMMC 5.1 technology. Finally, you cannot install many applications on this cellphone. Fortunately, Infinix Hot 9 Play is quite helped by the Android Go Edition operating system with a very light ecosystem.

  1. The absence of Fast Charging

The risk of a large-sized HP battery is the extremely long charging duration. Usually this can be overcome by fast charging capability, but Infinix Hot 9 Play which is a cheap cellphone doesn’t have this capability. You can imagine a 6000 mAh battery charged without using fast charging. Techweez said that the time needed to charge from zero to full is 3 and a half hours. This duration is classified as very long. But you can still work around this by charging it overnight so that the HP is fully charged when you wake up in the morning.

  1. There is no Stabilizer on the Camera

If you are a content creator who wants to record videos professionally, Infinix Hot 9 Play may not be a suitable choice. The camera on this cellphone doesn’t have a stabilizer like EIS (Electronic Image Stabilizer) or OIS (Optical Image Stabilizer). As a result when recording, your hands must be really still so that the video results do not shake.


Infinix Hot 9 Play is brave enough to make a new break with its specifications. There are some parameters that are really made beyond the limit (such as battery and screen capacity), there are also some sectors that are quite minimal (size of RAM and internal memory, and duration of battery charging). Thus, Infinix Hot 9 Play really promotes a specific buyer persona. For those of you who travel a lot out of the house and don’t want to frequent charging, or just looking for a large screen size to watch Netflix, Infinix Hot 9 Play is truly capable of being the perfect friend.

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