India’s Wushu Warrior Girl – Witness



Wushu is a full-contact sport and also an exhibition, which falls under the category of traditional Chinese martial arts. It was developed after 1949 in China as an attempt to standardize the traditional Chinese martial arts practice. In current times, International Wushu Federation (IWF) has developed Wushu to an international sport and holds the World Wushu Championship after every two years.

In the following episode of Witness (Al-Jazeera), a Muslim schoolgirl Freeha is followed, who dreaming to become a martial arts champion. She qualified for an Indian national tournament that taking her nearer to her goal. But her mother, who was pleased with her daughter learning combat for self-protection, now didn’t let her go and strongly opposed her 14-years-old daughter to play and perform in public. We can look at the struggle of Fareeha to convince her family and her fight not just for winning the title but for her independence.


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