Imagine: John Lennon – The Definitive Film Portrait




This film is about the life of John Lennon and its material is taken from the personal film archives of Yoko Ono. The film focuses on his years with Ono and has little about Lennon’s association with the Beatles rock band. It gives a close look at Lennon and his life and is a respectful but basically a depressing chronicle of an artist who died at an inappropriate time. The film title is taken from his idyllic ballad which is about a world free of discord and hat.

In the movie, we see him as a man of optimism. We can see Lennon recording songs in his own studio that reflected the basic principle of his fight for peace, hope and life. His confrontation with conservative cartoonist Al Capp highlights his antiwar activities. The movie shows simply John Lennon to the world in his beautiful simplicity and deeply human nature without any bias towards him.


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