Steven E. Jones, a physics professor at Brigham Young University, proposed a contentious theory in 2005 about the fall-down of world trade center on 9/11. He asserted that probably the cause of the world trade center’s collapse was not the hijacked planes but rather it was possibly the pre-positioned explosives. His theory resulted in a counterblast from the public and even threatened his position as a professor at Brigham Young University.

The documentary Hy.poth.e.sis follows the crisis point of Professor Jones life, who without being affected by hate mails, warnings, and even buying-off to stop his research; he declined to be weakened by the immense pressure and continued his struggle for finding the truth. He was placed on paid leave by the officials of Brigham Young University in late 2006, and then he retired as Emeritus Professor in October 2006. Organizations like ‘American Association of University Professors’ and the ‘Foundation for Individual Rights in Education’ criticized this placement on paid leave.


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