Huawei Watch GT 2e, Trendy Watch for Healthy Lifestyle

Huawei Watch GT 2e

Huawei Watch GT 2e has recently launched and has the opportunity to try this smart watch for two weeks – since the Watch GT 2e is claimed to be able to hold the battery within that time period. In addition, the Huawei Watch GT 2e is said to be a fun friend for people who adopt a healthy lifestyle. Well, here are the results of my review for trying this phone.

Huawei Watch GT 2e

Huawei Watch GT 2e Review

The body of the GT 2e is made of stainless steel with 316L grade. It looks pretty good with a choice of attractive colors Mint Green, Icy White, Graphite Black and Lava Red. I was found trying a choice of Graphite Black with a red strap. The watch has a 1.39-inch AMOLED touch screen that supports high resolution 454×454 retina levels, with the same saturation and color contrast as that applied to Huawei smartphones. KIRIN A1 is embedded as the chipset. Although in terms of technology the champion with a fast response, this watch seems to look a little oversized when used by people with thin wrists. However, I feel the GT 2e design can be used in any moment. There are also choices of wallpapers that can be replaced with a variety of themes. So you can adjust yourself to each preference.

A friend for the activist of healthy living Make a person who likes sports, this seems like a cool friend to monitor the progress of the exercise. GT 2e can track 100 types of sports both outdoor or indoor, both jogging and surfing on the beach. Users can while listening to music while exercising by pairing to the wireless earphones that you have. Because it is prone to the spread of the Corona virus, I chose to do sports at home with Zumba. With monitoring through the Huawei Health application you can see details ranging from calories burned, duration, average heart rate, and performance training. With Zumba for 30 minutes, the results of the clock showed that 262 kcal had been burned. Users can monitor charts daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly.

Huawei Watch GT 2e Review

Monitor stress to sleep health problems

There are several features that can be used to monitor body health. There is TruSeen 3.5 which can monitor your heart rate and if the heartbeat is too fast or slow a reminder will appear. In addition, it also features a single blood oxygen checking (SpO2) or oxygen level in the blood. Normally SpO2 is between 90-100{165212238e4660484af9e2eb49857524096e2b6dd765f45235cac26d6ae13676}, below that it can be considered lacking oxygen so that it needs rest. Monitoring stress levels throughout the day can also be seen through GT 2e directly or if you want more details you can access the Huawei Health application. So far, the stress levels are still normal. Thankfully.

Next is my favorite feature, TruSleep that can find out in detail the levels of sleep ranging from light sleep, REM, to deep sleep. There is a summary of sleep patterns and tips for improving sleep quality. In addition, there are also features to help with breathing exercises that make the body more relaxed. So far, I feel the features available to support a healthy lifestyle are quite adequate and encourage users to be healthier. In fact, there is a reminder in the form of vibrations on the GT 2e when the user sits too long. Maybe, in my opinion, the drink reminder feature can be considered to be applied to the next generation

Battery life, up to two weeks?

If the Huawei GT 2e is claimed to last two weeks, the watch that I use ‘only’ can last for nine days with full power on initial use. Maybe because the use is quite intense to make the battery life a little faster drained. But nine days is also an okay time. Why it can last that long, the power saving feature, Smart Power Saving 2.0, can intelligently detect usage situations and user scenarios to allocate battery power appropriately, whether it is worn during training or in standby status. One of my highlights is that the use of flashlights can make power reductions happen quickly.

Huawei Watch GT 2e specs

Solution to find a smartphone for the forgetful

Because I am a person who tends to be forgetful and often ask for help misscall my smartphone, Find My Phone can help find a connected device. Even if it is silent or vibrate, the phone will make a sound ‘i am here!’ accompanied by the sound of funny music. For entertainment, the GT 2e can also be used to listen to music or podcasts through the collection at that hour and connect with wireless earphones. Or, GT 2e can control the music that is played on the device (either in local storage or third party app like Spotify) with the pause, previous, or next options. For users who must always be on standby, Huawei GT 2e also has notifications like other smart clocks that can monitor SMS, e-mail, calendar and social media. Likewise when there is an incoming call, users can immediately turn off calls directly from the clock.

Huawei Watch GT 2e Conclusion

So far, the Huawei GT 2e can be a cool friend to wear during sports and or to listen to music. Monitoring for a healthy lifestyle can also be maximized with notifications and tips provided by this smart watch. Even so, there are several things that can be considered for example strap replacement options. Because, the strap that is used, although comfortable, has a pattern that is perforated so it might be a bit creepy for people with trypophobia. But from Huawei itself claims that it does not rule out other strap designs that will be loved by lovers of Huawei. If you think you have already tried this smartwatch, what do you think about this device?

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