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Entering the dark underworld of the sham marriage racket

Filming undercover, and with exclusive access to a busy register office, Ranvir Singh investigates sham marriages. We will be looking at the current challenges and enforcement measures associated with sham marriages, including the impact of recent changes to the law. As well as investigating those involved in facilitating and organising sham marriages, we will discuss efforts being made by government, register offices and other organisations to combat sham marriages as part of a wide-ranging piece examining the current scale of the issue in the UK.

The programme will feature interviews with experts and observational filming at one of the UK’s busiest register office. It will also feature covertly filmed footage of marriage fixers and others involved in facilitating sham weddings; forging fake passports; selling vulnerable women and making offering to make fraudulent applications to the Home Office.

Our evidence shows that, despite the Government’s promised crackdown, it appears to be business as usual with the racketeers making millions at our expense.

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