How the Illuminati Destroyed Venezuela


This video is on how the Illuminati Central Bankers used finance to destroy Venezuela’s sovereignty and economy. Now turning Venezuela into a colony for extraction of Gold and Oil at half price. Using NGO’s and letting Venezuela destroy itself with Socialism and a Gold Standard.

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Where is Venezuela’s Gold?:

Venezuela Shipping Gold to Pay Debt:

Lucas Blanco Acosto:

Antonio Guzman Blanco:

US Trojan Horses in Venezuela:

Venezuelan Bolivar:

I quoted Eva Golinger in this video, but just so you know, this is her background:
“Golinger is under the payroll of the government and the communist movement in South America.
In Venezuela people call her Eva “Golilla”.
For us in Venezuela Golilla has two meanings, somebody that’s sells to anybody or easy to get.” – My friend from Venezuela.



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