How Did Yoga Come To The United States?


Yoga is a full body and mind exercise that is everywhere in American pop and health cultures. But how did yoga – a South Asian tradition dating back thousands of years – end up being such an inseparable part of staying healthy in the United States?

Sana Saeed breaks down the history of yoga in the U.S. and asks if doing yoga is cultural appropriation, appreciation … or late-stage capitalism?

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Decolonizing Yoga. “How to Decolonize Your Yoga Practice.”

Presented by: Sana Saeed
Written by: Sana Saeed and Kathryn Wheeler
Edited by: Michael Zipkin and Brian Joseph
Animations by: Chia Liu and Joe Corea
Produced by: Sana Saeed and Kathryn Wheeler

Music tracks courtesy of APM.
Footage and images courtesy of Getty Images, Creative Commons, Jason Tongen and Pond Ripple Media.

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