Hitler’s Henchmen S02 E02 Mengele The Doctor Of Death


What is it with stupid nazi, sons of whores such as yourself?
(BTW, If you’re not a nazi-wanna-be then, obviously, this comment isn’t meant for you but you MAY just agree with it’s sentiment. =)
For NAZI’S, though, the truth is, “RickyDicky is wasting His/Her time “”AGAIN!!”” stating facts for ass clowns who already know “ALL OF THIS IS ABSOLUTELY TRUE!!” But facts, for ass clowns, are irrelevant because an ass clown will deny it, and will continue to deny it, simply to get attention.
That-IS-IT!!,… FACT…, bottom line…., end of discussion…. Because bad attention is better than being ignored, which is the normal way one treats a 21st century NAZI-ASS-CLOWN, you’ll gladly make a fool of yourself, every day, for the rest of your pathetic life.



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